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Premium wax for all paintwork types with 40 Vol. % of pure Brazilian Grade-One Carnauba. Prepare the paintwork with Cleaner Fluid prior to the wax application. Important: please note that before the first application of a Swissvax wax,


Strongly recommended for daily driven cars which are exposed to increased immissions.   Innovative system for the ultimate protection of all types of paintwork. Prepare the paintwork with Paint Rubber and Cleaner Fluid prior to t


Swissvax Cleaner Fluid Medium is a light abrasive pre-wax treatment which is used on light weathered paint and paint with light to medium signs of use. It removes overspray, heavy oxidation, acid bird droppings and scratches and provides a smooth an


Swissvax Cleaner Fluid Strong is a medium to strong abrasive paintwork recovery and pre-wax treatment which efficiently removes heavy overspray, heavy oxidation and major scratches and also successfully recovers heavily weathered paint. Like the mil


Lotos Speed is a quick sealing for all exterior paintwork. The frictional resistance is massively reduced, resulting in excellent water beading properties of the paint surface. Lotos Speed is colorless and easy and quick to use. Simply spray on, the


Offers the compact, practical and effortless handling of a sponge combined with a towel style surface offering best cleaning performance. May be machine washed after every car wash like a towel and therefore is guaranteed free of any residues -