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Hand Car Wash

Hand Car Wash Hand Car Wash

Car wash day! With our efficient washing accessories and care tools, washing your car is child's play. Quite clearly, these products restore your car's dazzling shine to its former glory after every wash.

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You will only need one full cap for 20 liters. Effectively breaks the bond between the dirt and the paint surface for a perfect and effortless car wash. Prolongates the lifetime of your Swissvax wax finish and therefore it is absolutely safe


Offers the compact, practical and effortless handling of a sponge combined with a towel style surface offering best cleaning performance. May be machine washed after every car wash like a towel and therefore is guaranteed free of any residues -


Made of special medical-grade silicone reducing friction 75% compared to a suede leather Drying can be completed in just a 1/3 of the time that it used to take   For a super-quick drying of freshly washed wet exterior su


Grit Guard insert provides excellent protection against wash-induced swirls. Gamma Seal - an airtight leakproof screw top lid. Dolly with 5 heavy-duty casters (with brake). The Swissvax Wash System has been developed and manu


Swissvax Wheel Spray Forte is a modern wheel cleaner for easy cleaning of your rims. The wheel cleaner adheres very well to the rim surfaces and therefore is very effective at dissolving dirt. During the active cleaning phase the cleaner changes it


Choose this additional seat cushion and sit on the lid of the bucket and roll around your vehicle to comfortably detail wheels and lower body panels. The waterproof seat cushion is also an ideal companion to watch sporting events, a pic-nic or as