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Leather Care Products

Leather Care Products Leather Care Products

Anti-ageing care for your leather starts here… Prevention, protection, maintenance, repair - all of these are possible. Our extensive range of leather care products will assist you to keep your leather interior as you like it - perfect!

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Choose between:  Leather care kit Regular for all standard colours. Leather care kit Forte for bright colours   Included in the scope of delivery: Leather Cleaner Spray, 250 ml Textile-Applicato

€94.05 €99.00

The Swissvax Leather Cleaner is a highly effective but gentle liquid leather soap offering an outstanding cleaning power. Its pH neutral long-term tested formula comprises biodegradable active ingredients and is enriched with glycerine and is safe f

€37.05 €39.00

The Swissvax Leather Cleaner Forte is a stronger formulation of the Leather Cleaner for the removal of stubborn marks and ground in dirt on nappa leathers. As a liquid leather soap with an enforced formula it provides exceptional cleaning power. Due

€37.05 €39.00

The Swissvax Leather Milk is an easy-to-apply nappa leather conditioner containing antioxydants and emulsifiers as well as Vitamin-E and glycerine. It re-establishes and preserves the natural moisture of all kinds of nappa leathers. It will not chan

€40.85 €43.00

There are two reasons for leather getting hard: age and dryness. Without regular care leather will get stiffer and stiffer with age. Another reason can be a shrinking due to heat. The leather in older cars was dyed vegetatively (backside of the leat


Effective but safe cleaning spray for Alcantara surfaces. Easy and quick application. Can be applied regularly. Alcantara is not a leather! Alcantara is not a leather. It is an ultramicrofiber material and has similar needs as syntheti