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Paintwork & Metals

Paintwork & Metals Paintwork & Metals

Everything to return paintwork to the mint condition you want to see. We can't quite do magic with our products, but almost!

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Swissvax Cleaner Fluid Medium is a light abrasive pre-wax treatment which is used on light weathered paint and paint with light to medium signs of use. It removes overspray, heavy oxidation, acid bird droppings and scratches and provides a smooth an


Swissvax Cleaner Fluid Strong is a medium to strong abrasive paintwork recovery and pre-wax treatment which efficiently removes heavy overspray, heavy oxidation and major scratches and also successfully recovers heavily weathered paint. Like the mil


Lotos Speed is a quick sealing for all exterior paintwork. The frictional resistance is massively reduced, resulting in excellent water beading properties of the paint surface. Lotos Speed is colorless and easy and quick to use. Simply spray on, the


Removes any contaminations adhering to and extruding of the paintwork like paint overspray and industrial or environmental contaminants. Applied before Cleaner Fluid Wax pre-treatment. Does not harm the paint itself and leaves an as smooth as gl

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Effortlessly, efficiently but gently removes dust, grease, dirt or bird droppings without requiring water. Is absolutely safe for your wax finish and for all paint surfaces. Swissvax Quick Finish is the quick paintwork cleaner for "in between


Easily removes heavy scratches, overspray, paint runners, heavy oxidation or paintwork cauterizations without chaffing of the paintwork. Recommended only for the punctual and isolated treatment of the affected areas. Swissvax Mechanic Paint R