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With the Swiss reputation for quality and precision, you can be assured of the authenticity of our product. For over three generations, we at SWISSVAX are true car enthusiasts and collectors. Our products have neither been produced within a budget nor met any sales targets. What makes them what they are today - the perfectionist's tool for the perfect finish.
We believe that you will enjoy the feel of using our exclusive products that are carefully prepared by hand, without compromise, using only the finest and purest ingredients whilst producing the most perfect surface finish you have ever seen. No wonder that SWISSVAX is also an OEM supplier to various car manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz Classic, Rolls-Royce Motorcars, Automobiles Bugatti S.A., Aston Martin etc. on a worldwide basis.
Many Porsche Centres such as in the UK, Switzerland, Poland, Belgium etc. offer the SWISSVAX Paint Protection Program as well as SWISSVAX products to their customers.
We are firm believers that our reputation and success was also built on our distinct production of leaflets and handbooks. The SWISSVAX handbook, containing a description of each SWISSVAX product, is the key to achieving the best results on the SWISSVAX product range. Moreover all our printed publications are also available in digital form.
As of today, SWISSVAX products are distributed in over 30 countries by subsidiary companies or importers.


Swissvax Mediterraneo offers a multi-platform approach with partnership opportunities ranging from on-site activation at Swissvax local events to native and credible product integration in premium content productions.  


Become an organic part of our emotional and engaging storytelling through native integration in different formats varying from short to long-form content as well as theatrical releases. Write us today info@swissvax.club


We offer a wide range of exciting and inspiring event integration opportunities with international relevance and maximum brand impact. Write us today info@swissvax.club


Integral to the Swissvax Marketing model, we guarantee authentic integration of our partners in local communication assets to further increase reach and engagement. Write us today info@swissvax.club


Authentic integration of premium media placements and editorial stories, supplemented with social push across the media network channels. Write us today info@swissvax.club